Our Research Focus

C.C. Little established The Jackson Laboratory in 1929 to prove cancer is genetic, not infectious. He was right, of course, but little did he know that “genetic” only scratches the surface of cancer’s complexities. Recent research has revealed a dizzying number of changes to single genes, multiple genes, entire gene networks, genomic structures, genome repair and stability, etc., can contribute to malignant transformation, cancer maintenance, resistance to therapeutics, and cancer recurrence and spread.

The Jackson Laboratory has had a National Cancer Institute-designated cancer center since 1983, and our cancer research efforts are diverse and powerful. Our research program, “Genetic models for precision cancer medicine,” leverages our long-held expertise in model organism development and use, as well as our growing and technologically pioneering human cancer-genomics focus. We are driving research toward identifying precise clinical interventions to prevent cancers from progressing.