Eva Gega, M.S.

Research Assistant II

Studying 3D Genome organization and function in human and mouse.

Studying genome structure and function through the application of high-throughput DNA sequencing and mapping methodologies such as ChIA-PET (chromatin interaction analysis by pair end tag sequencing).

Project involvement:
NHGRI ENCODE (Encyclopedia of coding DNA elements) Consortium– 3D genome mapping of the human and mouse genomes, NIH 4DN (4D Nucleome) Consortium - three-dimensional organization of the nucleus in space and time (the 4th dimension), HFSP (Human Frontier Science Program) - 3D genome studies of memory, learning and epilepsy.

Education and experience


Istanbul University Oncology Institute
MS Cancer Genetics

Bogazici University
BS Molecular Biology & Genetics


Yale University
Research Associate

University of Florida
Laboratory Manager