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Study shows exercise can ward off signs of aging

JAX researchers say structural deterioration associated with old age can be prevented by long-term aerobic exercise starting in mid-life.

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JAX spinout Cyteir Therapeutics announces $5.5 million Series A financing round

Cyteir is leveraging its expertise in DNA repair and genome instability to develop new targeted therapeutics for cancer, autoimmune disorders and more.

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A new system for understanding the 3D genome

A $3.7 million grant has been awarded to Professor Yijun Ruan, Ph.D., to fund research into how the human genome is organized in the nucleus of the cell.

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Breeding and Rederivation Services

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In Vivo Pharmacology

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Mouse Cryopreservation, Recovery and Strain Submission

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Surgical and Preconditioning Services

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Ron Korstanje, Ph.D.

The Korstanje Lab

Ron Korstanje, Ph.D., studies the genetics of kidney function and disease, particularly in the context of aging.

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