'Make our mouse'

We're taking aim at rare diseases.

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Aging resiliently

Historically, disease research has focused on what goes wrong in the people who get sick. Researchers at The Jackson Laboratory are now exploring what goes right in healthy aging.

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Forget me not: Living with early-onset Alzheimer's

Tackling Alzheimer's disease in the laboratory, clinic and life.

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Finding better cancer treatments

A $500,000 gift by an anonymous donor from Connecticut has helped JAX launch the Tallwood Cancer Canine Research Initiative, which is focused on finding cures for human and canine cancers.

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Curing breast cancer: When, how, and what’s next?

A diagnosis of breast cancer is always devastating, but advances in research are pushing incidence and mortality trends in the right direction — down.

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Breeding and Rederivation Services

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In Vivo Pharmacology

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Mouse Cryopreservation, Recovery and Strain Submission

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Surgical and Preconditioning Services

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JAX mice phone number is 1-800-422-6423 JAX mice phone number is 1-800-422-6423
Greg Carter, Alzheimer

The Carter Lab

Associate Professor Greg Carter and his team are working at the intersection between patient and mouse research to develop accurate disease models of Alzheimer's disease and develop effective therapies.

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