Minute to Understanding

Bite-size science to help you keep up with the latest breakthroughs.

  • What is gene therapy?

    Mutations in our genes can cause life-threatening diseases, and sometimes there is no drug or surgery available for your doctor to prescribe. Enter gene therapy.

  • Healthspan vs. lifespan

    We all want to live long lives, but not at the expense of our health!

  • Modeling human diversity... in mice!

    How can scientific research get answers when there's so much human diversity? Mice, of course!

  • Genetics vs. genomics

    The terms sound alike, and they are often used interchangeably. But there are some important distinctions.

  • What is the skin microbiome?

    The trillions of bacteria, fungi and viruses that live on the skin all over our bodies is part of the microbiome. JAX Assistant Professor Julia Oh studies the human microbiome for its potential to deliver treatments for infectious and other diseases.

  • What is epigenetics?

    Learn how epigenetic changes can affect an individual — without physically changing their DNA sequence.

  • What are preprints?

    Hearing a lot about scientific "preprints" lately? Find out what they are in this Minute to Understanding from The Jackson Laboratory!

  • DNA 101 — Building blocks of the genome

    The Jackson Laboratory's "genetic engineer" takes you from base to genome to learn about DNA. That's the ticket!

  • What is a mouse model?

    The ability to model human disease in the mouse makes it such a valuable experimental system. Genetically and genomically, the human and the mouse are very similar.