Carol Bult, Ph.D.

Professor, Knowlton Family Chair

Bridges the digital biology divide, by integrating computation and informatics with biomedical research.

The primary theme of my personal research program is “bridging the digital biology divide,” reflecting the critical role that informatics and computational biology play in modern biomedical research. I am a Principal Investigator in the Mouse Genome Informatics (MGI) consortium that develops knowledgebases to advance the laboratory mouse as a model system for research into the genetic and genomic basis of human biology and disease ( Recent research initiatives in my research group include computational prediction of gene function in the mouse and the use of the mouse to understand genetic pathways in normal lung development and disease.

My institutional responsibilities at The Jackson Laboratory include serving as the Deputy Director of the Cancer Center and as the Scientific Director of our Patient Derived Xenograft (PDX) and Cancer Avatar program. The PDX program is a resource of deeply characterized and well-annotated "human in mouse" cancer models with a focus on bladder, lung, colon, breast and pediatric cancer. This resource is a powerful platform for research into basic cancer biology (such as tumor heterogeneity and evolution) as well as for translational research into mechanisms of therapy resistance and therapeutic strategies to overcome resistance.

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Grants, honors and accomplishments

August 2013 - Jackson Laboratory National Council Award for Scientific Achievement

May 2013 - Jackson Laboratory Community Award

March 2011 - Roy H. Behnke Distinguished Lecturer, University of South Florida

June 8, 1998 - Bult et al., 1996. Science 273:1058 cited as a "Hot Paper in Genetics" by The Scientist

1997 - "Hottest Research of 1996" (based on numbers of literature citations), The Institute for Scientific Information (ISI)

1997 - Carl Von Linneaus Lecturer, Uppsala University, Uppsala, Sweden 

1996 - Discover magazine top 100 science stories for 1996

1994 - National Science Foundation Travel Grant recipient to attend the 6th Congreso Latino Americano de Botanica, Mar del Plata, Argentina 

1993-1996 - Appointed an honorary Research Associate at the Smithsonian Institution, Laboratory of Molecular Systematics, Washington, D.C. 

1989 - Elected full member of the Sigma Xi Research Honor Society

1989 - Awarded full tuition to attend the Sloan Foundation sponsored "Workshop on Molecular Evolution."

1989 - UNH Women's Commission Award for "significant contributions to the advancement of women in the sciences at UNH" 

1988 - UNH Dissertation Fellowship Award 

1984 - Faculty Award for "Outstanding Senior in Biology," GMU

1984 - Elected to the Beta Beta Beta Biological Honor Society