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Our Quality Mission

JAX is committed to establishing processes and procedures that exceed industry standards, resulting in consistent products, reliable services and precise genomic solutions that empower the biomedical community and improve human health.

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JAX Quality Team - Our Quality Mission

JAX Auditing Program

JAX's quality core operates as an independent entity, regularly assessing procedures, programs, and services to ensure the organizations quality is consistent, our results are reproducible, and our programs exceed industry standards and customer expectations.

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JAX Quality Management System (QMS)

JAX's Quality Management System (QMS) captures deviations, CAPAs and change management reports while documenting processes, procedures, and responsibilities for achieving a high level of excellence.

JAX Quality Team - Quality Management System

Process Quality Control

By partnering with customers and suppliers, JAX provides the highest standards in quality, sterilization, material inspections, & equipment certification, ensuring operational excellence and customer satisfaction.

Regulatory and Accrediting Information

JAX is AAALACi accredited and OLAW assured; Our quality program has a deep focus on preventative action, to safeguard the high-quality standards in our operations.

Supplier Management

Our in-depth supplier management program categorizes, qualifies, and assesses our critical suppliers to guarantee the products we are using meet our rigorous standards of quality and reliability.