Maine Cancer Genomics Initiative

Enhancing cancer diagnostics and treatment in Maine

The Maine Cancer Genomics Initiative

Cancer in Maine

Approximately 9,000 new cancer cases occur each year in Maine. Oncologists and other healthcare providers often struggle with identifying optimal therapies for many of these patients using conventional diagnostic methods and clinical guidelines. However, the combination of genetic mutations in a tumor—its molecular signature—may be much more indicative of the appropriate treatment. In addition, a rapidly increasing body of knowledge about genomics in cancer demonstrates significant promise for treatment of cancer of all types.

The Maine Cancer Genomics Initiative

The Maine Cancer Genomics Initiative (MCGI), enabled through generous financial support from the Harold Alfond® Foundation, leverages the strengths of key medical and bioscience research institutions in Maine to create an alliance focused on precision cancer diagnostics and treatment.

With The Jackson Laboratory’s expertise in genomic sequencing, bioinformatics, cancer analytics and drug curation, the participation healthcare professionals from Maine oncology and pathology practices and financial support from the Harold Alfond® Foundation, world class cancer care is being brought to Maine patients. 

Genomic Cancer Testing

The Jackson Laboratory is continually developing novel genomic medicine tools in its CLIA-certified/CAP-accredited laboratory including the ActionSeq Plus, a targeted panel of 212 cancer related genes and 53 genes known to form fusions, associated with various carcinomas, sarcomas and hematologic malignancies, analyzed using next-generation sequencing. Using data from the ActionSeqPlus, oncologists in Maine will be able to provide personalized therapy options for cancer patients that may mitigate tumor growth and avoid the potential delay and side effects associated with therapies used without prior genomic testing.

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