Zachary Frohock

Research Data Analyst II

Applying deep learning techniques to multi-omics and cross-species data to enable translational research.

Before coming to JAX, I collected a bit experience in a small variety of fields. My education is in Physics, specializing in the imaging of novel magnetic materials. In particular, I explored the application of yttrium iron garnet as a read/write medium in high temperature hard disk drives. I spent time with a few data science startups; one that performed analysis to detect oil pump suboptimal performance and failure, and another which provided a platform for automated data shaping. My work at JAX consists of applying deep learning methods to image data. From mouse brain MRIs to 3D multiplexed immunohistochemistry images, I seek to extract valuable insights via research and streamline workflows such that scientists are better able to apply their skills where they can make the most difference via software development.