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With JAX, you can be confident your new model is precise, reproducible, and verified. We use a variety of technologies and strategies to deliver customized solutions that are specific to your needs.

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Custom Model Generation Technologies

Genetic Humanization Services

For researchers or drug discovery groups needing a humanized target, we consult with you and JAX genetics experts to help design and generate your ideal model. We can further validate both target engagement and downstream signaling as part of model phenotyping services and pharmacokinetics analysis.

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DNA Microinjection

JAX's Transgenic Model Generation Service includes pronuclear microinjection of your transgenic DNA (plasmid or BAC) into pronuclear embryos that are transferred into pseudopregnant females. Pups are then genotyped to identify three founder mice and shipped at six weeks of age. JAX routinely achieves a 90% success rate for transgenic mouse generation, so your model will be ready in 12-14 weeks. Breeding to germline transmission can be done through our Breeding Services.

Typically, six-week-old founder transgenic mice will be available to ship to your facility or to the JAX Breeding Services vivarium, 12-14 weeks after we receive your DNA. JAX will deliver all the animals with confirmed genetic modifications resulting from the microinjection. It is not necessary to quarantine or rederive your mice and they can be directly imported into your facility.

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ES Cell Microinjections

In order to meet the need for blastocyst injections of modified ES cells, we offer microinjection services of your ES cell clone into one of three different host blastocysts. Following microinjection, embryos are transferred to host females, producing chimeric founder mice carrying the new genetic modification. Your model will be ready in 13-15 weeks.

Once clones arrive, we will karyotype them to verify chromosome numbers as part of our full service offering. Once this is complete, the mES cells will be microinjected into host blastocysts and transferred into pseudopregnant females. Chimeric pups will be identified by coat color and delivered at six weeks of age. Founder mice generated are of high health status so they can be directly imported into your facility without the need for quarantine or rederivation.

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Our CRISPR/CAS9 mouse model creation service offers an all-in-one customized package delivering mouse models for your research or drug discovery journey. Models created through CRISPR/CAS9 are invaluable when studying or developing therapeutics for human diseases, from Alzheimer’s to Lymphoma.

With this technology, we can rapidly design and implement KO and KI mutant models. In just a few months, you’ll have the ideal model for your research or drug discovery needs.

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CRE-LOX Mutation Breeding

As one of the most widely used and most versatile methods for human disease modeling in genetically engineered mice, Cre-lox is one of the cornerstones of custom model generation at JAX for general knockouts, conditional knockouts, and reporter strains. Cre-lox services are generally used when making knockout alleles, as well as to activate or deactivate gene expression. With JAX, you have access to world’s largest collection of Cre-lox strains.

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Other Model Customizations

In some cases, you may not require a model with a unique background. JAX offers several other services that still tailor models to your specific needs including, but not limited to:

  • Diet Based Preconditioning
  • Aging Models and Services
  • PDX Tumor Engraftment

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Make the Right Model

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Using a wide variety of model generation technologies, our expert mouse geneticists and team of subject matter experts will work with you to design a model that will best achieve your research or drug discovery needs. Our capabilities include:

  • Small and Large Knockins
  • Gene Knockout
  • Conditional Knockout
  • Genetic Humanization
  • Tool Development

Get the Right Data

While working with JAX, we will provide you with regular updates along the way, including a founder packet and N1 data packet. These packets will be discussed with you by your JAX partner. Your mice are guaranteed to be germline-competent and genetically validated.

You can then have your mice shipped right to your institution’s door, or utilize JAX’s expertise further to have your colony expanded, preserved, characterized, tested, and analyzed. We invite you to explore the variety of breeding and in vivo preclinical testing and efficacy services that offer additional solutions beyond model generation.

With JAX, you can turn your newly created genetically modified JAX mouse into a validated model through expression analysis and/or phenotypic characterization.

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