Metabolic Diseases

Leverage the world's largest collection of diabetes and obesity mouse models and more than 80 years of research expertise by using one of our metabolic disease strains for your investigations. 

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Key NASH Models

Comparison of the most popular and emerging models for non-alcoholic steatohepatitis (NASH) models

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Featured JAX® Mice models of type 2 diabetes & obesity

Detailed phenotypes for the most popular and newly emerging models of human type 2 diabetes & obesity.

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Choosing mice for diabetes and obesity research

Factors to consider when choosing diabetes and obesity mouse models

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Comparison of mouse & human phenotypes

Comparison of the major type 2 diabetes and obesity phenotypes among humans and 7 widely used mouse models.

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Phenotype Comparisons for Top Metabolic Models

Metabolic phenotypes can vary among different strains. Comparisons are available to help you select the best model

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Diabetes & Obesity Research Tools and Online Resources

Discover the Mouse Phenome Database and other online resources for type 2 diabetes and obesity research.

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STZ-induced diabetes models

The streptozotocin (STZ) model of diabetes is available for C57BL/6J, NOD scid and NSG™ males. Protocols can be modified for other strains and sexes.

STZ-Induced Diabetes

Additional selected JAX® Mice

Models that may be used as tools in diabetes & obesity research.

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