Jiayuan Shi

Research Data Analyst I

I am currently engaged in the investigation of the impact of mesenchymal lineage cells and immune-regulatory myeloid cells on adaptive immune responses in cancer treatment resistance and metastatic relapse.

My work encompasses analysis and interpretation of genomics and biological data using diverse bioinformatics tools and applications, including flow cytometry data, in vivo tumor data, microscopy data, and transcriptome next-generation sequencing data. In addition to my analytical work, I also served as lab manager, overseeing lab functions and managing housekeeping tasks and research projects and collaborations.

Prior to my current role, I worked as Research Assistant in Genetic Resource Sciences (GRS) and contributed to the development and generation of mouse models to study various diseases for different programs and consortiums, including the Scn1a (voltage gated sodium channel) knockout mouse model generation for genetic analysis of epilepsy and Dravet syndrome, humanized mutations of APOE4 and Trem2 associated with late-onset Alzheimer, and the T-brachyury mutated mouse model for Chordoma Foundation. Later I was brought into In Vivo Pharmacology Services as a specialist to troubleshoot and optimize problematic molecular genotyping assays of internal and imported mouse strains of the Repository.