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JAX boasts three locations in Maine. Researchers in Bar Harbor investigate the genetic causes of human disease by using the mouse as a model. Our Ellsworth campus provides the global biomedical research community with JAX® Mice at the highest health status. Maine Cancer Genomics Initiative…

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Our Farmington campus is home to The Jackson Laboratory for Genomic Medicine. Researchers here focus on human genomics, complementing our long history of mammalian genetics expertise.

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Michael MacLean, Ph.D. – NIA T32 Training Grant

In addition to being supported by the T32 grant in aging, Dr. MacLean is also a JAX scholar and is interested in understanding how common stressors, such as obesity and diabetes, alter responses, development, and progression of diabetic retinopathy and Alzheimer's disease.

Navdeep Gogna, Ph.D. – BrightFocus

Dr. Gogna is the recipient of the Helen Juanita Reed award for macular degeneration research, which will support her work in the Nishina lab on gene functions and genetic interactions leading to eye diseases.

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Sathya Ravi, Ph.D. – Brooks Scholar Award

Dr. Ravi received a Brooks Scholar award in recognition of her research on peripheral blood biomarkers which are linked to unhealthy immune aging and reduced immune responses. She seeks to uncover the differences between immune system responders and non-responders as immune cell functions are disrupted by age.

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Jana Mistry, Ph.D. – Leukemia & Lymphoma Society

As a JAX Scholar, Dr. Mistry focuses on understanding aging-associated mechanisms of Dnmt31-mutant clonal hematopoiesis. In addition to her Career Development Program Fellow Award from LLS, Dr. Mistry was named a JAX Scholar in 2022.

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Kwondo Kim, Ph.D. – JAX Scholar award

Dr. Kim joined the laboratory of JAX Professor and Scientific Director Charles Lee in 2021 to explore structural variation across the human genome. He received a JAX Scholar award in 2022.

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