Preclinical Research Services

We develop innovative preclinical models and services that enable informed decision making and compound evaluation during in vivo research. De-risk drug development and move your therapeutic into the clinic faster.
JAX Preclinical Services offers the most translational and predictive efficacy, pharmacokinetics (PK) and safety testing for therapeutics such as monoclonal antibodies, bispecifics, CAR-T, antibody-drug conjugates, and combination therapies.
By combining genetically defined tumors with innovative humanized mouse models, JAX enables the validation of therapeutic candidates in an array of in vivo research that better recapitulate the human condition.

How We Meet Your Preclinical Research Needs

Find Your Model - JAX Preclinical Research Services
Find Your Model

The genetic background of a strain profoundly affects the phenotype and potential applications of a mouse model. JAX strains are carefully selected for scientific value and notable characteristics, and thoroughly curated to provide you with the knowledge you need to select the right model for your in vivo testing studies with confidence.

Define Your In Vivo Study - JAX Preclinical Research Services
Define Your In Vivo Study

We provide a variety of tools and services for modeling etiology and studying immune responses. Our Preclinical Research Service offerings incorporate innovation, dependability, and a dedication to customer satisfaction to help you move from concept to IND faster.

Get Your Data - JAX Preclinical Research Services
Get Your Data

JAX can work with you to collect IND-enabling data from your in vivo pharmacology studies. We offer multiple validated routes of administration combined with a variety of behavioral, molecular, in-life and postmortem assays.

Clinical Research Therapeutic Areas

Neurobiology - Preclinical Research Services


Learn about the ways in which JAX can support your research in the areas of neurodegenerative, neuromuscular, and neurodevelopmental disorders. JAX offers tailored models and efficacy studies for your preclinical research.

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Oncology - Preclinical Research Services


Discover JAX's Oncology models and efficacy studies. Evaluate your CAR or Antibody based therapeutics using JAX's cutting-edge immune-humanized mice featuring characterized PDX tumors.

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Immuno-Oncology - Preclinical Research Services


Analyze the human immune and tumor environment to assess the efficacy of your therapeutic through a safety or pharmacokinetic in vivo study using a mouse model with a humanized immune system. 

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Immunology - Preclinical Research Services


Assess therapeutic antibodies and compounds, which include preclinical studies on GvHD using immune humanized mouse models incorporating CD34+ and PBMC donors.

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Autoimmune - Preclinical Research Services


Conduct tailored efficacy studies for assessing new and established therapeutic compounds for various autoimmune disorders, including Lupus, Type 1 Diabetes, and Psoriasis.

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Rare Disease - Preclinical Research Services

Rare Disease

JAX offers the world's largest collection of spontaneous, targeted, and transgenic mutant mouse strains, hundreds of which model rare diseases, for preclinical research.

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Metabolic - Preclinical Research Services


Selecting the appropriate model is crucial for metabolic research. Discover the ideal model for your research needs from JAX's extensive selection of diabetes and obesity mouse models. Our collection includes a variety of NASH models and diet-induced models to enhance your in vivo study.

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Antibody Evaluation - Preclinical Research Services

Antibody Evaluation

Our FcRn models provide reliable data for expediting the development of therapeutic candidates for clinical trials. Our approach offers a viable and established option in place of using non-human primates. These in vivo studies can assess various therapeutic candidates containing Fc-domains or albumin.

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Advisory & Consulting - Preclinical Research Services

Advisory & Consulting

Gain insight from JAX’s experience in vivarium operations, mouse genetics, breeding, husbandry, surgical techniques, and more. With an assessment of your specific preclinical research needs, JAX can provide guidance on recommended studies or institutional approaches, as well as support in their implementation.

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Learn More About Preclinical Drug Development After In Vivo Research

A glimpse at the wide range of platforms and services JAX offers to help move you from drug discovery to IND filing.

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