STEM Learning Resources

Below you will find STEM resources for high school teachers and their students in grades 8-12. At the top of the page, please find resources from The Jackson Laboratory, including Teaching the Genome Generation and Mighty Mice in Space content lessons. Scrolling below, you can find valuable educational content from other organizations provided.

Please email for assistance with these resources.

COVID-19 Education

Covid-19 Case Study

The Power of a Test: How COVID-19 is Diagnosed and Who Does It

Written by The Jackson Laboratory's Alison Kieffer, Emaly Piecuch, Christina Vallianatos and Sarah Wojiski.

COVID-19 Animations

Integral to our mission to improve human health, JAX is committed to helping address the coronavirus pandemic as quickly as possible. In order to educate the public, JAX created a series of animated videos on topics related to COVID-19 including how testing works, the importance of social distancing and much more. These videos may be appropriate in teaching your students about COVID-19.

Check out the series here.

Molecular Biology:

Teachers, please email to request written laboratory protocols for the molecular genetics exercises.

Using a Micropipette (Video)

DNA Extraction Wet Lab Protocol: DNA Extraction Part 1/ DNA Extraction Part 2 (Videos)                                                                                           

What is PCR? (Video)

PCR Wet Lab Protocol: PCR Part 1/ PCR Part 2 (Videos)

Restriction Digest Wet Lab Protocol: Restriction Digest (Video)

Gel Electrophoresis Wet Lab Protocol: Gel Electrophoresis (Video)

Prep for Sequence Analysis Wet Lab Protocol: Prep for Sequence Analysis (videos)

4Peaks (Mac)/ Chromas (Mac)/ Benchling (Netbook)

Sanger Sequencing Powerpoint

Jargon Jumble

Mendelian Genetics Activity - Interpreting Gels

Gene Sheets







Bioinformatics Overview

Overview of Databases

Wikipedia vs. OMIM

Model Organism Databases

The Curious Case of Dr. James Lupski


Personal Genetics Education Project

Mighty Mice in Space:

Teachers, please email for teacher versions of each lesson.

Mighty Mice in Space Teacher Guide

Lesson 1 Making Predictions - Student Version

Lesson 2 Analyzing Data - Student Version

Lesson 3 Research Project

Lesson 3 PowerPoint Template

Virtual Labs

Data Analysis, Statistics, Evolution: Stickleback Evolution Virtual Lab

Molecular Biology, Biochemistry: Transgenic Fly Virtual Lab

Medical, Anatomy, Pedigree: Cardiology Virtual Lab

Microbiology, Molecular Biology, Genetics: Bacterial Identification Virtual Lab

Ecology and Evolution: Lizard Evolution Virtual Lab

Micropipetting, Gel Electrophoresis : LabXChange (Registration Required)