Francisco Castellanos, M.S.

Senior Scientific Software Engineer

My research interest is in Data Science/Data Engineering within the domain of Bioinformatics and Genome research.

From the early days of my career, while designing and writing programs, from assembler, to C++, to SQL, to JAVA/J2EE, to NoSQL, to front-end JavaScript framework languages; my passion has been Software Development and Architecture, and the interesting study of surging technologies thereof.

My professional background includes experiences in various industries and in diverse capacities which have giving me the opportunity to understand end-to-end intricacies of software development life cycles and software platforms. During my career, I have had the opportunity to plan, architect, develop, and lead software projects and teams with the ultimate goal of providing solutions that meet and exceed stakeholder’s expectations. My 15 years of work experience includes serving in various arenas, such as Supply Chain, E-Commerce Software Platforms, and Insurance industries

I recently joined JAX, and I am absolutely thrilled with the opportunity to contribute to the goal of research for tomorrow’s cures and personalized treatments. The world of genome research and bioinformatics is absolutely fascinating, so I am enthusiastic to apply my skills and to broaden my knowledge as a dive deeper into this great domain and inspiring cause.