Our Impact


At JAX, we believe in making an impact. Driven by our first, and most important value — people — it is our inherent responsibility to improve the lives of our employees, those our local communities and round the world, and to empower all those in the biomedical community who share our vision of a healthier future.

  • Nobel prize

    Our Medical Impact

    Research discoveries from The Jackson Laboratory (JAX) have directly contributed to many of today's essential medical treatments.

  • Our Collaborations

    Collaboration at JAX

    At JAX, we are focused on being a hub and catalyst for collaboration. Bringing people together has been an integral part of JAX culture from our earliest days.

  • Our Community Impact

    We are proud to have a passionate team made up of people who enjoy giving back and supporting our communities.

  • Our Economic Impact

    As an independent, 501(c)3, nonprofit research organization with a 2022 Operating Budget of $578 million, JAX has significant and lasting economic impact on its local communities.

  • Going green

    Our Environmental Impact

    A key component of our organizational values is Stewardship, including minimizing the environmental footprint of JAX activities. Here are just some of the green initiatives and policies that JAX has implemented.