The Jackson Laboratory Cancer Center

Jackson Laboratory Cancer Center scientists are combining human cancer genomics with mouse biology and genetics expertise to interrogate cancer in clinically meaningful ways.

About the Three Campuses

The JAXCC encompasses three campuses: the headquarters and research campus in Bar Harbor, Maine, a genomics research campus in Farmington, Conn., and a facility in Sacramento, Calif specializing in preclinical model development, credentialing, and deployment in pre-and co-clinical trials.

The Bar Harbor faculty has deep expertise in mouse biology, complex genetics and computational biology that informs new experimental platforms including genetically defined mouse models bearing humanized disease alleles; improved mouse hosts for patient-derived xenografts (PDX); and novel mouse populations that model the genetic variation of human populations.

The Farmington faculty is expert in human cancer genomics; genome biology; quantitative cell biology; and computational biology and analytics, all centered on developing approaches to precision medicine.

The Sacramento campus has established a large, collaborative resource of PDX models as a major preclinical platform.