The JAX Cancer Center

The mission of the JAX Cancer Center is to discover precise genomic solutions for cancer by making basic discoveries with human impact. Committed to our role as an NCI-designated basic research Cancer Center, we harness our transdisciplinary strengths in complex genetics and functional genomics to achieve this goal. We value diversity at all levels and recognize that broadening the diversity of research topics, and of the individuals performing research, is critical to strengthening the research enterprise. 

An NCI-designated Cancer Center since 1983

The Jackson Laboratory (JAX) Cancer Center  has been a National Cancer Institute-designated basic laboratory cancer center since 1983, with a sustained focus on deciphering the complex genetics of cancer and to design precision models of the disease.

The unifying theme of our research program is to uncover genetic mechanisms underlying age-related chronic inflammation and cellular dysfunction, and their impact on genetic complexity of cancer, cancer development, metastasis and treatment resistance.

Central to our strategy is the ability to integrate murine and human biology through comparative genomics and computational modeling. The iterative mouse-human, and in silico-laboratory experimentation uncovers new findings and refines contemporary assumptions. This new understanding will lead to innovative therapeutic approaches for both prevention and treatment of cancer.


As part of our education initiative, JAX offer two signature cancer courses. The Annual Cancer Short Course on Experimental Models of Human Cancer provides a broad survey of cancer research and experimental modeling from systems and computational genetics, to the tumor microenvironment and tumor progression, to inflammation and immunotherapy.  The Workshop on Techniques in Modeling Human Cancer in Mice provides training in the use of genetically defined laboratory mice as tools for asking questions about gene function and the role of genetics in the biology of cancer. These courses are held in a residential retreat-like setting and provide a supportive, immersive and interactive learning atmosphere. Learn more here.

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