DO-AS cohort data

Phenotype and RNAseq data from approx. 200 (B6-Col4a5 KO x DO)F1 mice

Studies in mice have shown that the renal phenotype caused by mutations in Col4a3, Col4a4, or Col4a5 is highly dependent on genetic background, further supporting the concept of modifier genes. In an effort to identify these genes, we crossed Col4a5 mutant females with male Diversity Outbred (DO) mice, a genetically diverse mouse resource for high-resolution genetic mapping. Genetic analysis identified several loci associated with albuminuria and renal function, which we further narrowed to identify candidate genes using the complete genome sequences of the eight founder strains and the RNAseq data.

We developed a Shiny App to explore both the phenotype and RNAseq data:

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(Manuscript in preparation)