Daniel Skelly, Ph.D.

Senior Computational Scientist

Biologist and data scientist harnessing single cell functional genomics and genetically diverse mice to study complex traits

Variation in observable traits, such as disease susceptibility, is pervasive in the natural world. Recent advances in sequencing and computation are providing us with an unprecedented view of patterns of genetic variation within species. A major outstanding challenge is to identify and characterize the specific genetic variants affecting complex traits, and the mechanisms through which they do so.

I am a biologist and data scientist who uses single cell functional genomics to understand the genetic basis of complex traits. I utilize genetically diverse model organism populations together with the methodology of statistical and quantitative genetics to reveal novel mechanistic insights into the biology of complex traits. My background and interests include cancer, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and obesity/metabolic disorders.

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Education and experience


Duke University
Postdoctoral fellow
Advisor: Dr. Paul Magwene

University of Washington
Ph.D., Genome Sciences
Advisor: Dr. Joshua Akey

University of Wisconsin
B.S., Zoology


Computational Sciences, The Jackson Laboratory
Senior Computational Scientist

Rosenthal Laboratory, The Jackson Laboratory
Research Scientist

Rosenthal Laboratory, The Jackson Laboratory
Associate Research Scientist