Clinical Knowledgebase (CKB)

The CKB is a dynamic digital resource for interpreting complex cancer genomic profiles. Join thousands of clinicians and researchers across the globe, saving time and finding valuable information that connects cancer variants to therapies and clinical trials.

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JAX-CKB can help increase clinician confidence in completeness and accuracy of the information related to the patient’s tumor genomic profile.

For translational and clinical researchers, JAX-CKB provides thousands of literature citations, FDA drug labels, and clinical trials relative to a tumor’s genomic mutation or profile, resulting in a clear and up-to-date picture of discoveries and active developments for a variety of biomarkers.

Current data includes:

  • Gene and variant descriptions
  • Drug indication status
  • Clinical Trials by indication
  • Treatment approaches
  • Efficacy evidence supporting response to treatment approaches by indication
  • Resistance evidence supporting resistance to treatments by indication

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clinical knowledgebase

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clinical knowledgebase

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clinical knowledgebase

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