Grants, honors and accomplishments


1997 - University of Minnesota, Ph.D., theoretical nuclear physics

1993 - Case Western Reserve University, B.S., mathematical physics


2016-present - The Jackson Laboratory, Associate Professor

2010-2016 - The Jackson Laboratory, Assistant Professor

2007-2010 - Institute for Systems Biology, Senior Research Scientist

2003-2007 - Institute for Systems Biology, Postdoctoral Fellow, Galitski Lab

2001-2003 - University of Washington, Postdoctoral Fellow, Physics Department

1999-2001 - Stony Brook University, Postdoctoral Fellow, Physics Department

1997-1999 - The Niels Bohr Institute, Postdoctoral Fellow and Leon Rosenfeld Fellow


2019-2024 - Co-Investigator, The Open Drug Discovery Center for Alzheimer’s, NIH/NIA U54

2018-2023 - Principal Investigator, Determining Genetic Interactors of   Apolipoprotein E in Alzheimer’s  Disease, NIH/NIA RF1

2016-2021 - Principal Investigator, Head of Bioinformatics Core, Alzheimer's Disease Translational Center for Disease Model Resources NIH/NIA U54

2017-2022 - Principal Investigator, Identifying Shared Pathogenic Networks and Molecular Targets Underlying Retinal Pigmented Epithelial Associated Disease, NEI R01 EY027860

2017-2022 - Co-Investigator, Systems Genetics of Resilience to Alzheimer’s Disease, NIA R01 AG057914

2016-2021 - Principal Investigator and Head of Bioinformatics and Data Management, The IU/JAX Alzheimer’s Disease Precision Models Center, NIA U54 AG054345.

2016-2021 - Principal Investigator, Methods and Tools to Analyze Genetic Complexity, NIGMS R01 GM115518.

2015-2020 - Co-Investigator, The Jackson Laboratory Center for Precision Genetics, NIH U54 OD020351.

2015-2020 - Co-Investigator, Molecular Basis and Pathophysiology of Retinal Disease, NEI R01 EY011996.

2015-2020 - Co-Investigator, Investigating the Role of Complement‑expressing Myeloid Cells in Synapse Loss and Vascular Compromise in Alzheimer’s Disease, NIA RF1 AG051496.

2013-2018 - Project Leader and Computational Core Director, Molecular Regulation of Mammalian Meiosis, NIGMS P01 GM099640.

2011-2016 - Project Leader, Center for Genome Dynamics, NIGMS P50 GM076468-09.

2013-2015 - Pyewacket Research Fellowship, Pyewacket Foundation.

2011-2013 - Co-Investigator, Novel Approach to Modeling the Functional Genomics of Human SLE in Mice, Alliance for Lupus Research.

2007-2013 - Principal Investigator, Inference and Testing of Quantitative Models of Genetic Interaction, Mentored Quantitative Research Development Award, NIGMS K25 GM079404.

1999 - Leon Rosenfeld Fellowship, The Niels Bohr Institute.

1996-1997 - Doctoral Dissertation Fellowship, University of Minnesota.