Mouse Peroxisome Research Resource

The Mouse Peroxisome Research Resource (MPRR) at the Jackson Laboratory serves as a centralized resource for mouse models and monoclonal antibodies for basic and translational research relevant to peroxisome biology and disorders caused by peroxisome dysfunction. Peroxisomes are ubiquitous organelles that are essential for the normal development and functions of human organ systems. Peroxisome dysfunction is linked to a group of twenty peroxisomal disorders caused by genetic defects and contributes to the pathophysiology of multiple common disorders. The limited number of mouse models and reliable immunological resources to investigate peroxisome biology and disorders has greatly hindered the research progress and therapeutic development. The MPRR serving as a community-driven resource will validate existing mouse mode, develop new disease models, and provide reliable antibodies reagents to enhance basic science and accelerate preclinical testing of novel therapeutics.