Elaheh Alizadeh, Ph.D.

Associate Computational Scientist

I use image processing and shape quantification methods to extract information from imaging data and link them to phenotypes by machine learning approaches.

My project focuses on combining spatial transcriptomics and imaging data to predict phenotypes in cancer and other diseases. In my previous research I developed TISMorph software (in Matlab) to add new cell shape features which common software were not able to capture. Then I used these features to distinguished between cancer and normal cells with single cell resolution and predicted the function of novel kinases. I also mathematically modeled nuclear Beta-catenin's switch like response to WNT stimulation. During my last four years I have worked closely with biologists, developed a pipeline for them in R, and mentored them to analyze, automatically label plate-based assays and visualize their data.

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Education and experience


Colorado State University, Fort Collins, CO, US
PhD in Chemical Engineering, August 2013 to July 2018

Laser & Plasma Research Institute, Shahid Beheshti University, Tehran, Iran
M.Sc. in Plasma Engineering, October 2009 to February 2012

Alzahra University, Tehran, Iran
B.Sc. in Physics, October 2005 to June 2009



Associate Computational Scientist
The Jackson Laboratory

Postdoctoral Research Associate
University of Arizona

Research Assistant
Colorado State University

Microfabrication Lab