Jennifer SanMiguel, Ph.D.

Postdoctoral Associate

Genetic and epigenetic mechanisms of hematopoetic stem cell identity and function, blood cell development, and blood cancers in the context of aging.


Bar Harbor, ME


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Jen joined the Trowbridge lab in August 2018. She is interested in the role of genetics and epigenetics in the blood compartment during normal development, aging, and cancer. Jen received her BA from Colby College. She worked for three years at Children’s Hospital Boston in the laboratory of Dr. Louis Kunkel studying muscular dystrophies before joining Dr. Marisa Bartolomei’s lab at the University of Pennsylvania for her graduate training. Jen’s thesis research focused on the epigenetic regulator, Tet1, and its role in development epigenetic reprogramming, specifically in the context of genomic imprinting.