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Save time and resources with the study-ready cohorts you need, when you need them. Whether you’re looking for aged models or preconditioning services, JAX is here to help.

On Time, Study-Ready Aged Models or Preconditioning Services at JAX

Surgical and Preconditioning Solutions

Surgical Services

Our expert surgeons are specially trained to perform surgeries on mice, using aseptic and atraumatic techniques that prevent operative complications permitting a smoother surgical recovery.

All surgeries are performed in a laminar flow hood within HEPA-filtered, positive pressure suites to deliver surgically modified mice that are tailored for your specific research needs.

Learn more about the specific surgical services we offer.

Other Preconditioning Services

JAX offers a number of additional preconditioning services including:

Diet-Induced Obesity: You can assess a variety of readily-available, diet-induced obesity (DIO) models, or we can place any strain of you’re choice on any fully customized diet so that your mice are ready when you need them.

STZ Induced Diabetes: Standard and customized STZ injection models on various genetic backgrounds.

Custom Preconditioning Solutions: We work with you to identify your unique needs and create a number of custom preconditioning solutions and services.

Based on your drug discovery goals, these services and others can be combined with additional breeding, aging, or in vivo services.

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