Endometriosis Research

Through research and advocacy, JAX and our partners in Connecticut are committed to improving the lives of those impacted by endometriosis.

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The endometriosis biorepository program is in development. Please provide your information below should you be interested in getting in touch with someone from the program.

The nation’s first public, multi-institution biorepository

The endometriosis data and biorepository program is the first public, multi-institution biorepository of its kind in the nation. The ultimate goal? To improve awareness of and health outcomes for this highly invasive, underdiagnosed and under researched condition in Connecticut, while driving research breakthroughs for individuals impacted by endometriosis across the nation and beyond. Read the full plan here.

The nation’s first public, multi-institution biorepository

Program Goals

The Endometriosis Data and Biorepository Program would:

  • Foster basic research and clinical collaborations to help better understand the pathology, drivers and impact of endometriosis;
  • Allow for curation of information from a diverse cross section of communities to ensure representation of all ethnic groups;
  • Support identification of condition biomarkers to allow for earlier diagnosis;
  • Advance new therapeutic strategies and early access for Connecticut residents to therapeutic options as they are developed;
  • Support better care management of the condition that has an estimated current cost of over $78 billion a year in the United States in healthcare dollars and loss of work/school; and
  • Serve as a centralized resource to disseminate information, educate the public, and raise awareness in order to promote early detection in adolescents and adults.