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    JAX Humanized Mice Journal Club

    Join us for our next Humanized Mice Journal Club where guest speaker Ashwin Ajith, Ph.D., presents "A Novel Humanized Mouse Model for the Assessment of Human Allogeneic Responses in Organ Transplantation"
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    JAX Tech Talk - Lets Talk Reducing Bias In Mouse Studies

    In this episode, we'll consider methods to reduce bias in order to increase the translatability of your results to the clinic.
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    Workshop on Vascular Catheterization in the Laboratory Mouse

    This three-day intensive hands-on workshop is for those wishing to obtain practical training in vascular catheterization in the laboratory mouse. In addition jugular vein and carotid artery catheterization using a vascular access button, topics covered include mouse biomethods, anatomy, aseptic technique, suturing and microscope use.

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