Academic Year Internships

Graduate and Undergraduate Internships

The Jackson Laboratory welcomes applications from high school juniors and seniors and undergraduate students interested in a research internship during the academic year.  The availability of internship slots varies from semester to semester and depends on the needs of individual JAX mentors on the Maine and Connecticut campuses. 

Each intern works full-time on an independent research project under the sponsorship of a member of the Laboratory's faculty who provides guidance, laboratory space and equipment. Students work on projects that involve original research within the scope of their sponsors' ongoing research programs.

Working in their sponsors' laboratories, students gain familiarity with all aspects of a research project:

  • designing the project
  • implementing the research plan
  • analyzing data
  • reporting results

There is no fee if selected. The Laboratory does not provide stipends or scholarships for interns, nor does the Lab offer health or other benefits.  The costs and availability of room and board vary, depending on individual arrangements including the research placement; most interns commute from their home institution and maintain a full or partial course load while conducting research at JAX.


High school students must be enrolled as a junior or senior in good standing at a high school within commuting distance of the Jackson Laboratory.  Only students 16 years and older may apply.  College students must be enrolled as an undergraduate student in good standing with their home institution.  Residential accommodations are typically not provided.  Concurrent to a JAX academic year internship, students must be enrolled in an independent study or student research program for which credit is awarded. The Laboratory prefers that interns be in residence for at least one semester or academic term.

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