The Jackson Laboratory provides the most widely published and cutting-edge models for oncology research and offers a comprehensive suite of solutions for your oncology research needs. 

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Featured JAX® Mice for Cancer Research

Browse the most popular and newly emerging models for the study of human cancer including induced, transgenic, and conditional mouse models.

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Featured JAX® Mice for xenograft studies

Find the right immunodeficient model for your research including the most powerful immunodeficient strains described to date, NSG™ and NSG™-SGM3.

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Oncology Research Tools and Online Resources

Explore resources for oncology researchers such as the Mouse Tumor Biology Database.

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All JAX® Mice for oncology research

Search our JAX® Mice Database for strains for cancer research. Filter results by gene, keyword, attribute, and more.

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PDX Models

Over 400 patient-derived xenograft (PDX) tumors are available for engrafting into immunocompromised NSG™ mice for shipment to your facility or use in JAX-directed preclinical efficacy studies.


Onco-Hu® Models

A robust immuno-oncology platform for efficacy testing of novel immunotherapies targeting T cells and myeloid cells.


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Now Available Worldwide

Your research shouldn't wait, 
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Currently JAX Mice strain information sheets are experiencing technical difficulties. Please contact JAX Technical Information Scientists for strain questions. micetech@jax.org | 1.800.422.6423 (US) | (International)