The Jackson Laboratory provides the most widely published and cutting-edge models for oncology research and offers a comprehensive suite of solutions for your oncology research needs. 

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Featured JAX® Mice for Cancer Research

Browse the most popular and newly emerging models for the study of human cancer including induced, transgenic, and conditional mouse models.

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Featured JAX® Mice for xenograft studies

Find the right immunodeficient model for your research including the most powerful immunodeficient strains described to date, NSG™ and NSG™-SGM3.

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Oncology Research Tools and Online Resources

Explore resources for oncology researchers such as the Mouse Tumor Biology Database.

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All JAX® Mice for oncology research

Search our JAX® Mice Database for strains for cancer research. Filter results by gene, keyword, attribute, and more.

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PDX Models

Over 400 patient-derived xenograft (PDX) tumors are available for engrafting into immunocompromised NSG™ mice for shipment to your facility or use in JAX-directed preclinical efficacy studies.


Onco-Hu® Models

A robust immuno-oncology platform for efficacy testing of novel immunotherapies targeting T cells and myeloid cells.


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Humanized Mice

NSG™ and NSG™-SGM3 Mice engrafted with human hematopoetic stem cells represent powerful tools for studying oncology, infectious disease, and hematopoiesis and are helping accelerate the development of novel therapies.

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PDX Live™ Tumor Models

Get experimental data up to 80% faster with PDX Live™ tumors. This valuable off-the-shelf resource can save your project more than 6-12 weeks time.


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  • Guide: Humanized Mice for Immuno-Oncology

    NSG™ mice are a proven host for engraftment of human tumors or establishment of human immunity following hematopoietic stem cell transplantation. This guide explains why the interactions between human immune cells and tumors are paramount when devising treatment strategies that prevent tumor evasion of immune cells and improve cytotoxic responses.

  • Guide: Evaluation of Human Immune System Reconstitution

    NSG™ and NSG™-SGM3 mice engrafted with allogeneic human tumors represent a valuable preclinical testing platform for immuno-oncology. Here we employ four 14-color flow cytometry panels to perform a comprehensive and detailed analysis of the entire immune system. Our results indicate that the triple transgenic NSG™-SGM3 mice exhibit a more completely humanized immune system as compared to NSG™ mice, with specific improvements in the distribution of T-cell subsets and overall representation of the myeloid lineage.