Marina Yurieva, Ph.D.

Assistant Computational Scientist

Cloud computing and development of Bioinformatics pipelines for multi-omics data to understand RNA biology (splicing and lncRNAs), Immunology, Asthma and Cancer

I have a diverse expertise in analysis of Multi-omics datasets, Immunology, Microbiome, Developmental Biology, RNA biology and Cloud Computing. During my Ph.D. I studied the downstream targets of Hox genes in developing hindbrain using mouse, zebrafish and chick models. My postdoc was focused on developing Bioinformatics pipelines for the analysis of microbiome data and various immunological studies. Currently I am developing pipelines for identification of lncRNAs and splicing events in RNA-seq datasets and integrating various omics data.

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Education and experience


MSc Bioingeneering and Bioinformatics
Moscow State University
2003 - 2008

Ph.D. Developmental Biology
Stowers Institue, an Affiliated Research Center of the Open University
2008 - 2013


Bioinformatics group
Singapore Immunology Network (SIgN), A*STAR