Blaine Pattavina, M.S.

Research Assistant III

Immune system response to solid tumors and viral infection.

I am a research assistant for the Paust Lab. I help with ensuring the lab complies with state and federal regulations. I play a role in maintaining the lab's mouse colonies and keeping an inventory of experimental mice for the lab's needs. I also have research of my own that I work on which pertains to differences in the immune system's response to cancer between sexes.

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Education and experience


Dominican University of California
M.S., Biological Sciences

Ithaca College
B.S., Biochemistry


Lab of Dr. Silke Paust, The Jackson Laboratory
Research Assistant III

In Vivo Pharmacology, The Jackson Laboratory
Research Assistant II

Lab of Dr. Pankaj Kapahi, The Buck Institute for Research on Aging
Research Assistant I