Amit Gujar, Ph.D.

Research Scientist

Investigates the role of extrachromosomal DNA in brain tumor evolution and heterogeneity.

Prior to joining the Verhaak lab, Dr. Gujar performed his postdoctoral work in Kim laboratory at the Washington University School of Medicine, where he studied the role and mechanisms of abnormal signaling in brain tumor, glioblastoma. Previously, Dr. Gujar obtained his PhD from the University of Louisiana at Monroe after completing B. Pharm from India. His PhD thesis work examined the coordination between two key brain gluco-sensing areas in counter-regulatory responses to insulin-induced hypoglycemia.

Education and experience


University of Louisiana at Monroe
PhD, Neuroscience
Adv: Karen P. Briski

Shivaji University, India
B. Pharm

Postdoctoral Training:
Washington University School of Medicine
Postdoctoral Research Associate
Laboratory of Dr. Albert Kim


The Jackson Laboratory for Genomic Medicine
Research Scientist
Laboratory of Dr. Roel Verhaak

University of Louisiana at Monroe
Teaching Assistant

Mediorals Labs Pvt. Ltd.
Quality Control Analyst