About JAX

Shaping the future of human health.


The Jackson Laboratory (JAX) is an independent, nonprofit biomedical research organization that leverages a unique combination of research, education and resources to achieve our mission: 

We DISCOVER precise genomic solutions for disease and EMPOWER the global biomedical community in its shared quest to improve human health.


Founded in 1929 to uncover the genetic basis of cancer, JAX pioneered the use of laboratory mice as models for human disease and provided the basis for many modern medical treatments. Today, our team combines mouse genetics, human genomics, cell-based studies, and computational modeling to define the underlying biology of a broad spectrum of diseases. Our diverse and multidisciplinary research programs include the National Cancer Institute-designated JAX Cancer Center, as well as coordinated research centers focused on addiction, aging, Alzheimer’s and dementias, genomics and computational biology, precision genetics and rare disease.


Empowering the biomedical research community is central to our mission. Our mentorship and education programs inspire and advance students at all stages of their careers. Scientists from more than 2,000 organizations in 64 countries rely on JAX research tools and data resourcesmouse models and services. And with least 26 Nobel Prizes associated with our work, JAX is accelerating scientific research, drug development and patient care around the world.



Our Challenge


Researchers and patients alike are longing for progress in the fight against diseases like cancer, Alzheimer’s, diabetes and many others. After twenty years of scientists sequencing and mapping genes, the greatest challenge we still face in fighting diseases is their incredible genomic complexity.


It will take fresh thinking to tackle this new frontier of disease research. It will take powerful computational technologies to analyze the combinations of genomic activity, predict disease outcomes and illuminate new pathways to potential therapies. It will take unparalleled experience with animal models to validate findings at a scale that can truly make an impact. And it will take a multi-disciplinary and collaborative approach that engages the global biomedical community to confront this challenge together.


At The Jackson Laboratory, we have all of these critical components. We are leveraging our expertise, our tools, our scale and our passion to decipher genomic complexity and shape a new era for human health — where understanding your unique genome will be the key to predict, treat and even prevent disease.


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