Precise genomic
solutions for
personalized care

The JAX Advanced Precision Medicine Laboratory delivers precise genomic solutions to disease. As part of the JAX APML's contribution to this commitment, our scientists and staff provide tools, curate critical data, and deliver diagnostic services that help the achievement of goals held by research and clinical communities around the world.

Bringing the power of genomics to treatment decisions

Sequencing data, combined with skilled bioanalytical approaches and an expert team of gene curators, enables clinicians to access the benefits of the latest genomic advances without having to become technology experts themselves.

The Jackson Laboratory: A force in genetic discovery

At JAX, our specialty is putting genetics and genomics in context, enabling researchers and physicians to put these insights to work. From our earliest research that established cancer as a genetic disease to today's work in precision medicine, our unswerving focus on genetics and genomics continues to generate advances that improve human health.

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Advanced Precision Medicine Lab - Precise genomic solutions for personalized care
Advanced Precision Medicine Lab - Clinical Services

Clinical Services

Personalize Care for Patients

Strengthen your understanding of a patient's genetic construct to make more informed decisions on treatment, ultimately leading to enhanced outcomes and prognosis.

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Advanced Precision Medicine Lab - Research Services

Research Services

Decode DNA For Improved Discovery

Utilize the JAX APML to advance your research and keep driving towards tomorrow's discovery.

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