Data Science: Pre & Postdoctoral Training

The research environment at JAX is uniquely suited to the integration of experimental and computational biology. JAX offers pre and postdoctoral training opportunities to develop and apply data science methods to accelerate the transformation of data into knowledge about how complex biological systems work.

  • Two people sitting at a laptop engaged in collaborative discussion

    Postbaccalaureate Training

    Let the Postbac at JAX Program help you stand out. Through our two-year semi-structured training program, postbacs immerse themselves in cutting edge research as part of a team

  • Postdoctoral Associates

    JAX offers postdocs a unique research environment with access to unparalleled mammalian genetics resources, scientific services, and professional development programs.

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    Cooperative Ph.D. Training at JAX

    JAX offers Ph.D. students an exceptional opportunity to gain expertise in mammalian genetics and genomics in partnership with our degree-granting partner universities U Conn, Tufts, and U Maine.

  • JAX Postdoctoral Scholars

    The JAX Scholar award offers exceptional early-career scientists the opportunity to develop their independent research program at The Jackson Laboratory in preparation for the next step in their scientific career.