The Dumont Lab

Researching the mechanisms that generate genetic diversity through the lens of evolution.

Our Research Focus

My laboratory uses house mice as a model system to explore open questions in the field of evolutionary genetics. Our current efforts are focused in three research areas.

First, we recognize that the very processes that generate DNA diversity – mutation and recombination – are complex genetic traits subject to the forces of evolution. We are pursuing several projects that aim to understand the genetic and evolutionary causes of mutation and recombination rate variation in house mice. We are also exploring the phenotypic consequences of variation in these important genetic mechanisms.

Second, we are fascinated by regions of the genome that display exceptionally high rates of mutation and recombination, such as centromeres and the pseudoautosomal region. Using state-of-the-art genomic approaches, advanced cytogenetic methods, and diverse mouse models, we aim to understand the causes and consequences of the extreme diversity at these functionally critical loci.

Third, we are committed to the development and promotion of wild mice in biomedical research. As a key part of this mission, we are pursuing population genomic analyses to better understand the evolutionary forces that have shaped the global distribution of wild mouse diversity. We are also involved in efforts to develop and characterize new mouse strains developed from wild-caught animals.

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