Who We Are


Erik Bloss

Erik Bloss

Assistant Professor

The Bloss Lab uses various genetic, structural and functional approaches to understand how synaptic connectivity among cortical cell types underlies behaviorally-relevant neural computations.

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Greg Carter

Gregory Carter

Professor, The Bernard and Lusia Milch Endowed Chair

Develops computational strategies using genetic data to understand complex genetic systems involving multiple genes and environmental factors.

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Gareth Howell, Professor

Gareth Howell

Professor, Diana Davis Spencer Foundation Chair for Glaucoma Research

Applies genetics and genomics approaches to study age-related neurodegeneration associated with Alzheimer’s disease, dementia and glaucoma.

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Mary Teena Joy headshot

Mary Teena Joy

Assistant Professor

We are interested in targeting circuits in the brain for repair in neurological diseases such as stroke. With intersectional tools that employ large-scale recordings of neural activity, quantitative measurements of motor control and transcriptomics, we hope to determine how circuits that control motor actions reorganize in disease and use molecular information to identify therapeutic targets.

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Vivek Kumar, Assistant Professor

Vivek Kumar

Associate Professor

Understand the genetic and neurobiological basis of complex behaviors that are important in psychiatric conditions such as addiction, ADHD, and depression using genomic, neural circuit, and computational tools.

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Cat Lutz Headshot

Cathleen (Cat) Lutz

Vice President, Rare Disease Translational Center

The primary research goals of the Lutz lab involve developing preclinical mouse models of neurodegeneration to test therapeutics and inform clinical trials.

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Kristen O'Connell

Kristen M.S. O'Connell

Associate Professor

Kristen O’Connell’s research program is focused on understanding the impact of diet, body weight and peripheral hormone signaling on neuronal excitability and plasticity in the hypothalamus and other brain regions associated with the regulation of food intake and body weight.

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Martin Pera

Martin Pera

The extrinsic regulation of self-renewal and lineage specification of human pluripotent stem cells. The genetic basis for individual variation in the response of the central nervous system to injury.

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Michael Sasner, Ph.D.

Michael Sasner

Senior Research Scientist

Focuses on creating and characterizing mouse models that accurately model human disease and therefore can be used to understand neurodegenerative disease and be used in the development of new therapies.

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Lenny Schultz, Ph.D.

Lenny Shultz

Investigates human immunological diseases and malignancy through the development and leveraging of novel humanized mouse models

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Bill Skarnes

Bill Skarnes

Professor, Cellular Engineering

Bill's laboratory is currently exploiting new genome-editing technology to study gene function and to model disease in human stem cells.

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Jennifer Trowbridge

Jennifer Trowbridge

Professor, The Dattels Family Chair

Researches regulation of stem cells in the blood in normal development, aging and leukemia transformation.

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