Posters and Talks



1.  Gerring, M - Title - Present image tools work and MPD meta-analysis informally to a small group - Cambridge, MA

2.  Zhao, Y - Title - Exploring the Spatial Proteome of Senescent Cells through CODEX Muliplexed Tissue Imaging - Portland, ME

3.  Zhao, Y - Title - Single cell transcriptome to reveal gene expression senescence signatures - Portland, ME 

4.  Alizadeh, E. - Title - A framework for quantitative prediction of senescent cells from nuclear morphology, Portland, ME 

5.  Domanskyi, S. - Title - Nextflow Pipeline for Visium and H&E Data from Patient-Derived Xenograft, Portland, ME 

6.  Mawe, S, - Title - Parallelization of computer vision over large corpora of gigapixel biomedical images, Boston, MA


1.  Zhao, Y -  Causal network perturbation analysis identifies known and novel type-2 diabetes driver genes - Miami, FL

2.  Domanskyi, S - Boosting the map of cell types and cell states in human pancreatic tissue with spatial and single cell transcriptomics - Bethesda, MD

3.  Gatti, D - Teaching the Spatial Transcriptomics Workshop - Farmington, CT