Posters and Talks

2020 - Talks/Posters


1. Krishna Karuturi/ISMB,  Talk title: Mentoring and Managing Staff in Bioinformatics Cores.  July 2020

2. Krishna Karuturi/Data & Analytics Live, Talk title: Let's Work Together on This - Collaboration and Building Partnerships Between Data & Analytics Teams. July 2020

3. Gregg TeHennepe/Science of Team Science (SciTS) Virtual Conference, Talk title: Driving Scientific Discovery with Research Project Management. June 2020



1. Vivek Philip/Hao He/NIDA, Rockville, MD.  Title: Genetic correlations and quantitative trait locus mapping reveals shared and unique mechanisms underlying addiction predisposing novelty response traits.  Feb 2020

2. Michael Lloyd/Anuj Srivastava/Xingyi Woo, Houston, TX.  Title: Increasing the Volocity of Team Data Science.  Feb 2020.

3. Krishna Katuruti/Yue Zhao/Carolyn Paise/William Flynn/Joshy George, ISMB. Title: Prediction of tissue of origin and molecular subtypes for cancers of unknown primary (CUP) using machine learning.  July 2020