2019 Presentations

2019 - Talks/Workshops


1. Gregg TeHennepe/Bio-IT World, Boston, MA.  Talk title: Increasing the Velocity of Team Data Science 2019

2. Joshy George/Next Generation Sequencing and Clinical Diagnostics, Boston, MA.  Talk title: Single Cell-2-Cell Communicator (SC2CC) to Elicit Cellular Communication Network using Single Cell RNA-seq Data. 2019

3. Anuj Srivastava/Xing Yi Woo/AACR, Atlanta, GA.  Talk title: Introduction of Next Generation Sequencing Technologies. 2019

4. Joshy George/ODSC, Boston, MA.  Talk title: Pan-Cancer Machine Learning Predictors of Primary Site of Origin and the Molecular Sub type 2019. 

5. Krishna Karuturi/ABRF, Dallas, TX.  Talk title: Collaborative and Embedded model is rate but a desirable path forward for Bioinformatics cores 2019.

6. Krishna Katuturi/CDAO Conference, Boston, MA.  Talk title: 1. What are the Benefits and Draw Backs of Spinning Out Core Analytic Functions? 2. How Can we Drive and Innovative Analytics Culture in Established, Traditional Companies? 3. Encouraging Non-Technical Stakeholder to Collaborate and Become Joint Owners of the Analytics Process.  July 2019


1. Glen Beane/Alex Berger/Mandy Chen/Govind Ramamoorthy/JAX Omics Data Analytics (JODA) - An easy to use interface to launch analysis pipelines. 2019