2023 Presentations



1.  Yurieva, M - Visualizing position-dependent effects of RNA binding proteins on alternatively spliced events  

2.  Yu, Miao End to End Interpretable Deep Learning Workflow for Untargeted Metabolomics

3.  Somarakis, A - Exploring the Molecular Profile and Cellular Diversity of Endometriosis using Spatial Transcriptomics - Keystone, CO

4.  Grubb, S -  Diversity in a Dish: Pluripotent Stem Cells in Genetic Analysis and Modeling - Bar Harbor, ME 

5.  Mawe, S - Opening the Black Box - Lewiston, ME 

6.  Zuo, W -  Spatial Transcriptomics to Reveal Novel Immune and Stomal Cell Infiltration in the Lung Metastatic Niche - Keystone, CO


1. Chaussabel, D - Title - High-temporal resolution omics profiling applied to measuring mRNA vaccine responses - Yale, New Haven

2. George, J - Title - Is Machine Learning necessary to solve problems in biology - Boston, MA - ODSC 

3. Widmayer, S - Title - Haplotype reconstruction using low-pass whole-genome sequencing in genetically diverse mouse populations - Memphis, TN

4. Chaussabel, D - Title - Systems Immunology in Aging and Complex Diseases - Farmington, CT