2021 Presentations

2021 - Talks/Posters


1.   Vivek Philip/Hao He/AALAS/National Meeting Abstract.  Title: The Genetic Diversity of Diversity Outbred Mice -  Jan 2021

2.   Vivek Philip/Hao He, NIDA 2021 Meeting Abstract.   Title: Genetic correlations and quantitative trait locus mapping reveals shared and unique mechanisms underlying addiction predisposing novelty response traits -  Feb 2021.

4.   Brian White, Workshop on exRNA Data Analysis.  Title: CIBERSORTx and the Tumor Deconvolution DREAM Challenge - July 2021

5.   Yi Li, Joshy George, Krishna Karuturi, ISMB/ECCS.  Title: Adaptive sentinel testing in workplace for COVID19 pandemic - July 2021

6.   Matt Gerring, NODES.  Title:  Building a Graph to Map Variants to Genes Using Neo4j 4 and Bulk Import - July 2021

7.   Brian White, AACR Annual Meeting.  Title: CTD2 DREAM Challenge: Using pharmacogenomics data to develop predictions for treatment response in AML Patients - July 2021

8.    Krishna Karuturi, ISMB21.  Title: Embracing Advances in ML & Imaging for Biomedical Research - July 2021

9.    Krishna Karuturi, ISMB21.  Title: False Discovery Rate Estimation in Multiple Hypotheses Testing on Heterogeneous Discrete Distributions in Omics Analysis - talk and poster - July 2021

10.  Gregg TeHennepe, ISMB21.  Title:  Accelerating the Velocity of Team Data Science with Research Project Management - July 2021

11.  Matt Gerring, NODES 2021.  Title:  Building a Graph to Map Variants to Genes Using Neo4j 4 and Bulk Import - July 2021

12.  Krishna Karuturi, Data & Analytics Live.  Title: How to Fast-Track your Data and Analytics Initiatives Despite the Pandemic? - July 2021

13.  Krishna Karuturi, CDAO.  Title: What's next in Data Integration?  Modernizing Your Approach to enable Decision Agility Across the Enterprise - Oct 2021


1.  Baha El Kassaby, Francisco Castellanos, Govind Ramamoorthy, ACM-BCB.  Title: MVAR: A mouse variation registry - July 2021

2.  Joshy George, ISMB21.  Title: Deep learning of lung lesions detection and quantification from chest computed tomography images uncover clinical relevance for COVID-19 - talk and poster - July 2021.

3.  Krishna Karuturi, Yi Li, Joshy George, ISMB/ECCB.  Title: Adaptive sentinel testing in workplace for COVID-19 pandemic - July 2021