Genome Technologies

Genome Technologies (GT) offers sequencing services to The Jackson Laboratory investigators and collaborators. As a core scientific service, GT offers library preparation and next-generation short- and long-read sequencing. In addition, GT provides internal and external genomic researchers with training in cutting edge sequencing technologies and applications, including our workshop on long-read sequencing.

Our team consists of world experts in experimental science and bioinformatics analysis and we strive to advance the field by contributing new protocols, bioinformatic algorithms, and scientific discoveries. Our Research and Development team works on a variety of projects such as improving structural variant detection from long-read sequencing data, characterizing the genome’s 3D structure (including a focus on extra-chromosomal DNA), and studying epigenomic changes in cancer. Additionally, we are always more than happy to collaborate with faculty labs to bring in new platforms or develop new protocols so that The Jackson Laboratory researchers have the right tools to answer their scientific questions.