Chew Yee Ngan, Ph.D.

Associate Director, Genomic Technology

Applying cutting edge genomics and molecular biological technologies to a variety of research questions in biology.

My early research started in translational cancer research; searching molecular markers in clinical samples, testing the drugs sensitivity for cancer therapeutic and exploring molecular or genetic therapeutic options, bridging bench to clinics. Looking for something more challenging after that, I moved into genomic technologies development; focusing on using sequencing-based technologies to reveal the interplay of genetic and epigenetic components in three-dimensional space. With this technology, I started to explore the silencing mechanisms in development as well as cancer. My goal is to develop sequencing assays for disease detection and monitoring that can eventually be used in the clinics. In JGM Genome Technologies, I lead a team of scientists and technologists in technology development effort of sequencing-based assays from short reads to long reads for a variety of projects. I also oversee the operation of sample preparation, sequencing service, data QC and delivery to support the research communities at JAX.

Education and experience


Osaka University, Japan
Ph.D, Interventional Medicine


DOE Joint Genome Institute/ LBNL, CA
Research Scientist

Genome Institute of Singapore, Singapore
Postdoctoral Fellow