Model-AD Consortium

Model organism development and evaluation for late-onset Alzheimer's Disease.

The MODEL-AD consortium consisting of a Center at Indiana University School of Medicine, The Jackson Laboratory, Sage Bionetworks and the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine, and a Center at the University of California Irvine has been established by the National Institute on Aging to:

  • Develop the next generation of in vivo AD models based on human data
  • Institute a standardized and rigorous process for characterization of animal models
  • Align the pathophysiological features of AD models with corresponding stages of clinical disease using translatable biomarkers
  • Establish guidelines for rigorous preclinical testing in animal models
  • Ensure rapid availability of animal models, protocols and validation data to all researchers for preclinical drug development

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News and Announcements

Leveraging Model & Data Resources to Advance Alzheimer’s and Dementia Discovery Program

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Cornucopia: LOADs of New Mouse Models Available

Alzheimer’s researchers have long wished for better mouse models. That is now coming true. Scientists at the Jackson Laboratory in Bar Harbor, Maine, are cranking out numerous lines that express humanized Aβ and tau in combination …

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