Vivek Philip, Ph.D.

Director, Computational Sciences

My interests lie in the application of statistical methodologies to the area of genetics, specifically quantitative trait genetics and genomics for hypothesis generation and validation.

I hold a PhD in Life Sciences from University of Tennessee/Oak Ridge National Laboratory Genome Science and Technology Program, with a focus in statistical and quantitative trait genetics of behavioral traits in genetic reference populations and integrative functional genomics of behavior across species and experimental platforms. During my Ph.D. program I investigated the increased precision and resolution in QTL mapping using mouse reference populations including the expanded BXD recombinant inbred (RI) strain panel and the Collaborative Cross (CC) reference population The BXD RI study highlighted the increase in statistical power obtained in using the expanded BXD RI strain panel. The CC study highlighted the increased allelic variation and QTL mapping precision achieved. Upon completion of my Ph.D., I joined the Computational Sciences - Statistics and Analysis group at The Jackson Laboratory in 2012 as a biostatistician, with responsibilities including QTL analysis, expression QTL analysis, gene expression analysis, statistical modeling of diverse biological datasets, and statistical consulting. In addition to my contributions towards the field of quantitative trait genetics and statistical genetics, I have undertaken several other data analysis tasks involving differential gene expression analysis using next generation sequencing technologies, leading to the generation of new or validation of existing hypothesis.

For a complete list of my published work, please visit my NCBI bibliography.