Daniel Cortes-Perez, M.D., Ph.D.

Postdoctoral Associate

Stem cell biology and neural differentiation to study neurological diseases and aging using genetic approaches. Axonal repair, neurotrophic factors and DYRK1a are also of interest

After doing my Ms. Sc. studying ischemia and reperfusion in the liver and how adenosine receptors can modulate metabolic pathways during this insult; I decided to move toward stem cell and neuroscience field during my Ph. D. training. I was interested in the transgenic expression of Glial-cell line derived neurotrophic factor (GDNF) in stem cells and neuronal derivatives. GDNF-secreting embryonic stem cell differentiation to motor neurons goes through a phase of increased number of cycling motor neuron precursors, enhancing terminal differentiated motor neuron yield and electrical maturation, even without any other trophic or cellular support. My ongoing work at JAX tries to unveil the genetic basis of individual differences in the response of the central nervous system to injury using pluripotent stem cells and transgenic mice as models.

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Education and experience


The Jackson Laboratory
Postdoctoral associate
Adv. Martin Pera

National Autonomous University of Mexico
Ph.D., Biochemistry
Adv: Ivan Velasco

National Autonomous University of Mexico
Ms. Sc. Biology
Adv: Enrique PiNa

National Autonomous University of Mexico
School of medicine


Cellular Physiology Institute, UNAM
Researcher Assistant