Transgenic Model Services

While CRISPR/Cas9 is the newest method to generate mouse models, it’s not always the right choice. JAX has generated hundreds of transgenic mouse models in diverse backgrounds using traditional DNA pronuclear microinjection technology. Whether you need a model that exogenously expresses Cre, GFP, or a human protein, we can create that model and deliver integration-positive founder mice. | 1.800.422.6423 (US) | (International)

JAX advantage

  • Get the model on the background you want. JAX has proven experience on a number of strain backgrounds.
  • Get your model when you need it. JAX routinely achieves 90% success rate for transgenic mouse generation, so your model will be ready in 12-14 weeks.
  • No need to quarantine or rederive your mice. Founder mice generated are of high health status so they can be directly imported into your facility.

Transgenic mouse model creation process 

JAX Transgenic Model Generation service includes pronuclear microinjection of your transgenic DNA (plasmid or BAC) into pronuclear embryos, who are then transferred into pseudopregnant females. Pups will be genotyped to identify 3 founder mice and shipped at 6 weeks of age. Breeding to germline transmission can be done through our Breeding Services.

The following inbred JAX Mice strains can be used to generate transgenic mice:

Looking for another strain background? Please inquire about the feasibility of using embryos from other JAX strains.


Typically, six-week-old founder transgenic mice will be available to ship to your facility or to the JAX Breeding Services vivarium, 12-14 weeks after we receive your DNA. JAX will deliver all the animals with confirmed genetic modifications resulting from the microinjection.

Optional services

To learn more about our Transgenic Model Generation Services or to set up a project, please call 1-800-422-6423 or email

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Breeding Services

Our breeding and integrated services save you time, space, and money. JAX simplifies your mouse colony management by shipping mice to you as needed.


Cre Repository

The JAX Cre Repository's aim is to provide the scientific community with a centralized, comprehensive set of well-characterized Cre Driver lines and related information resources.

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