Cytokine Release Syndrome Evaluation Study

With JAX's new Cytokine Release Syndrome Evaluation Study, have confidence about the safety of your therapeutic prior to entering clinical trials. With our novel humanized mouse platform for Cytokine Release Syndrome (CRS), you can test a candidate therapy for immunotoxicity alone (without the presence of a tumor) or for both immunotoxicity and drug efficacy in the same study (in the presence of a tumor) using a variety of donors. You’ll receive fast, reproducible, reliable, translationally-relevant results.

The Cytokine Release Syndrome Evaluation Study will give you the kind of donor-to-donor variability you’d expect to find in the clinic, as well as greater sensitivity and specificity than with the alternative in vitro or non-human primate options.

When testing the safety of your drug, you’ll receive data that is more predictable and reliable than any other method. Using JAX PBMC donors, you can have donors with varying responses, giving positive and negative controls, and allowing the ability to test variable dosing in response to the same immunomodulating therapies, such as bispecific, checkpoint inhibitors, and more.

This platform is ideal for evaluating relative cytokine levels from immunomodulating therapies and for assessing anti-inflammatory therapies.

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