Mouse Biospecimens

Whether you need mouse tissues isolated for your studies, or embryos to generate mice, our highly-trained surgical experts can provide you with the materials you need to expedite your research.

Biospecimens To Accelerate Mouse Research

More than 70  tissue, organs and fluid types are collected upon request from our selection of over 1900 live mouse strains. Samples are prepared by our highly skilled surgeons using aseptic techniques and shipped to your facility.

Mouse Embryos for Strain Importation

Many JAX® Mice strains available as embryos avoiding restrictions associated with shipping or importing live mice to your facility.

Streamline Model Generation with High-quality JAX Embryonic Stem Cells

Expedite the process of generating gene targeted mouse models using high quality JAX® embryonic stem cells from a variety of commonly available inbred strains including C57BL/6J and NOD/ShiLtJ.

Key Benefits

  • Saves you time, money, and space spent on embryo and tissue isolation, processing, and housing
  • Tissues harvested by expert surgeons with extensive experience isolating tissues from mice
  • Standard and custom preparations to fulfill your research needs

See our list of mouse tissues, organs, and fluids.