Why JAX® Mice

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genetic quality control program GQC

JAX Genetic Quality Control (GQC) Program

JAX’s rigorous Genetic Quality Control (GQC) Program effectively prevents genetic contamination by detecting and eliminating breeding errors early, before mice are given the chance to breed.

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Patented Genetic Stability Program

Our unique, patented Genetic Stability Program (GSP) effectively limits cumulative genetic drift, including that caused by copy number variation (CNV), by rebuilding our foundation stocks from cryopreserved, pedigreed embryos every five generations.

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Great Variety, Impeccable Health Status

The JAX® Mice repository offers the greatest variety of inbred, hybrid and mutant mice in the industry.

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white mouse group

Well-Characterized Mouse Models

JAX® Mice are the most well-characterized and widely used mice available. 

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Animal Health Program

The Jackson Laboratory is committed to setting quality standards in animal care and ensuring that these standards are maintained throughout all of our mouse colonies.

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Animal Health Reports

JAX® Mice are bred within and shipped from multiple animal rooms. Click here for the most up to date health status reports for all rooms.

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